“Janice Dimock has been my Beachbody coach since December 2011, when she introduced me to P90X. I had been working out in the gym about four times a week, doing a combination of strength training and treadmill running.

P90X was intense, but with Janice’s constant encouragement, which included plenty of nutrition tips, I got through it.

After P90X I ordered Insanity, followed by T25. I just finished Insanity Max 30, which was totally insane. Working out 5-6 times a week is now simply part of my life.

When I have a question on a new program, I just call Janice. She is amazing and knows exactly what she’s talking about. Janice also walks her talk.

We’ve attended three Shaun T live workouts together. I think I actually kicked her butt in the 2015 workout, but that’s ok. At some point, the student must surpass the master.

We’re scheduled to attend the April 2017 workout at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT – VIP style, because that’s how we roll.

If you want someone to help you reach or surpass your fitness goals, Janice is your girl. She is genuine, kind, and extremely knowledgeable; she will help you succeed!” Nana D.

When I first met Janice I was at my heaviest weight, with the exception of when I was pregnant.

I was always a very active person and used to compete in natural bodybuilding. After being diagnosed with a chronic illness and having my son, I just let myself go.

Janice approached me one day and me she was having a few people over to learn more about Beachbody products and was I interested. I felt like this was my chance to change my life around.

I went to the informational session, fell in love with the concept (having a small child at home at the time and working a full-time job left no time to go to the gym).

I already had most of the equipment and also started using Shakeology (which I love) and within a year had dropped 35 pounds. That was quite a few years ago and I have kept the weight off, thanks to the new workouts that are introduced and the continuing use of Shakeology.

In addition Janice puts together some fun extra challenges that really push you to the next level.

Her energy, spirit, and motivation keep me on track. If it wasn’t for meeting Janice and learning about Beachbody, I honestly don’t know what kind of shape I would be in now. Thank you Janice!” Meg B.

“Janice has been my coach for five years. I’m a 67-year old retiree spending my retirement years volunteering at an animal shelter. I come home from the shelter tired, physically and emotionally.

I don’t always feel like working out, but I do work out thanks to Janice. Janice is the structure I need to stay motivated.

I see Janice weekly and we email too. Janice’s coaching blends humor and helpfulness, and she is the best listener I know. I’m a Beach Body On Demand user and I appreciate that Janice has guided me toward the workouts that I not only need to do, but actually will do. For me it’s strength training (upper body). Wow, am I reluctant, but I need upper body training to be able to lift dogs and just generally avoid injuries and thinning bones. Janice found a video I enjoy. It happens to be P90X Arms and Shoulders.

Regarding diet,  Janice has steered me to places I never would have gone on my own– I’ve become a Shakeology user– for life I’m sure– and I’m starting to trend toward a Mediterranean diet.

I guess you can tell Janice is my friend as well as my fitness coach, and oh, by the way, she is phenomenally fit herself, so she’s my role model too!” Debbie W.