Hello and thanks for stopping by!  This page represents a dream of mine to reach out and help people achieve their health and fitness goals.  The dream started when I realized that, as a pharmaceutical research scientist in Immunology, we were working on developing drugs for people suffering from illnesses that could be managed by diet and exercise.  I felt helpless when friends and family all around me fell ill to diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and other immune syndromes.  Then it happened to me.

I had always been very active and I found myself in pain all the time, spending more time on the couch and less time doing the things I loved.  After multiple doctor visits, I finally got a fibromyalgia diagnosis.  My background in science led to a long discussion with the Rheumatologist, who told me there were no treatments, but I could join a clinical trial for a drug that had nothing to do with the disease. Uh…no thanks!

I immediately signed up for a yoga class.  I am in agreement with the Arthritis Foundation, and many others, that movement is the single most important thing someone with RA, Fibromyalgia, Metabolic Syndrome and many other autoimmune diseases can do for themselves.  Once I started feeling better from the Yoga, I bought P90X and everything was going really well.  Then in 2009, I had an accident and landed me on the couch again.  With head trauma and broken bones, I gained 25 pounds before I knew it!  I decided I needed to do something, so I bought Insanity and got back on track with my fitness.

More importantly, I discovered the Paleo way of life and completely changed my eating habits.  The diet made sense, scientifically (many diets do, by the way) and it turned out the we knew the doctor that did original research in Paleolithic Anthropology and Radiology that lead to the ideas behind the Paleo diet, S. Boyd Eaton, from Emory University.  Small world, huh?  Talks with Boyd just added more credibility to the diet/lifestyle.  For my husband and me, though, the real proof was in our own self experimentation.  When I was 48, not only was I off the couch, but I managed to become a nationally ranked duathlete (in my age group, women 40-49)!  My husband, who woke each morning with joint pain after teaching tennis all day, is now pain free.  Years of doctors telling you that’s just what you have to expect as you age, and it turns out that you can make some simple changes to your lifestyle and dramatically change your life…and it’s all natural.  My goal is to spread this message: Eat clean and move…and reclaim your health, naturally.

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